I’ve been turning blue in the face keeping this secret from you. I found out about three months ago. I was shocked… It was completely unexpected.

I had reconnected with an old friend of mine in January. The chemistry was hot as soon as we found out that both of us were about finding our potential and living our dreams.

So, we started hanging out and next thing you know…I’m launching a new blog…my new baby…totally unplanned! (No human babies here! Too late for April Fools?)

Photo via http://creativeinspiration.me/creativity-quotes/

Photo via http://creativeinspiration.me/creativity-quotes/

You see, my friend, Adriana, founder of Plate Design Studio, is a Branding Consultant. She helps you find your spark and turn your blog, or biz, ablaze.

Adriana Koc-Spadaro, Founder of Plate Design Studio

Branding babe, Adriana Koc-Spadaro, Founder of Plate Design Studio

When I started working with Adriana, my intentions were to develop a concrete brand strategy for natnanton.com.

I had no idea that I was about to embark on a journey of self-discovery that would eventually lead to the decision to start something new.

And when I say self-discovery, I’m talking getting clear on my core, on what I stand for, and how to design a life that is completely and consciously aligned with my desires. That meant bringing natnanton.com to a close and giving birth to a new blog.

Many more details to come. Starting today, until the official new blog birthday in May, I’ll be sharing my personal branding transformation process with you, here on natnanton.com, in a blog series called “My New Baby”.

In my next post, I’ll be revealing who my new blog is for. Hint: I’ll still be writing for moms although I am leaving the mommy blogging scene. It will make more sense when you read the post.

Follow along so that you can get acquainted with your soon-to-be favourite online hangout space. 

Have you ever had one of those moments when you come to a screeching halt and realize that you have to change course? In careers? Or relationships maybe? Share your story in the comments below.


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5 Responses to My New Baby: Announcing My Unexpected Pregnancy

  1. amber says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on big changes in life!! I just changed jobs, moved to Kamloops and embarked on what can only be considered a new adventure, and now that things are starting to get settled, I’m so happy we took the plunge!! All the best, I’ll be reading. amber 🙂

  2. Bzzzz says:

    yay cool! can’t wait! keep me posted when it will be up! i might be busy with newbie baby but hope to have time to read your upcoming baby.

    her name is NATS,
    she’s got a new baby,
    it’s her new blog,
    it will be hot!

    and i’m excited….
    and i’m excited….
    and i’m excited….
    and i’m excited….

  3. Harriet says:

    Ha! I have those moments daily. Can’t wait to get a few tips, and relieved you aren’t, you know, actually, well, squeezing one out. ((ahem)).

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