The Mom Inc Movement event, which took place yesterday, showed mothers that babies and business don’t have to be worlds apart. Today’s Mama’s Music Mantra reminds mothers that we can have it all.  The song pick: Who Run the World by Beyonce. Now turn up those speakers, click play, and read on!

Mantra: “We’re smart enough to make these millions.

Strong enough to bear the children,

Then get back to business”.

Have you often dreamed of quitting your 9-5 so that you can have more time with your kids? Are financial constraints holding you back? Well there are plenty of  business opportunities out there that allow you to work around your schedule. If the thought of being a mother and an entrepreneur paints images in your mind of you looking like a two-headed monster with six arms, don’t be alarmed. In some parts of the world, gods are depicted with such physical attributes to represent immense power and their ability to perform several acts at the same time.

If that doesn’t make you feel better, then hopefully you made it out to Mom Inc Movement yesterday. The event showcased various business opportunities, workshops and speakers full of valuable information and beautiful stories to encourage ambitious mothers in the direction of their dreams. For a few hours, mothers got the chance to see that the monster-mommy look is not only something they could get used to, it’s the look of a fulfilled, empowered and passionate mother.

Grace Schmidt, Meghan Simington, Julie Nowell and Christine Nielson are the four fabulous mommies behind the event. They organized this event to spread the word about opportunities of financial independence and flexible working hours for moms.

Grace Schmidt, Meghan Simington, Julie Nowell, Christine Nielson

Mom Inc. Movement’s aim was for mothers to feel “empowered, informed, inspired”. The event had a great turnout. The organizers, exhibitors, and the speakers at the event further confirmed my belief that everyone wants to help mothers. I connected with some amazing women and formed new relationships. Here are a few snapshots from the event:

Clockwise from top left: Carley Struve & I, Heather White & I, Christine Pilkington & Julie Nowell

As you know, I already have my business, Tutu Mama. But Tutu Mama has plenty of growing up to do for now and for always. So I went to the event to get inspired from the ladies at the top of their game. I was the eager beaver with the laptop who sat in the front row for all the keynote speeches. Throughout the talks, I live-tweeted to share the content with tweeps who weren’t able to make it to the event. Keynote speakers Cybele Negris, Angela Crocker, Heather White, Christine Pilkington, Seana Wade, and Donna Rougeau armed us with tools, resources and inspiration. Each speaker covered different topics around how to make the mompreneur adventure a success. Thanks for sharing the wealth ladies!

Below is a compilation of my tweets and notes from the speakers’ words of wisdom:


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4 Responses to Mom Inc. Movement: Bridging the Gap Between Babies and Business

  1. Sili says:

    I LOVE this! And I love that so many of us are taking the leap of faith. I wish I could’ve made it to this event. Thanks for sharing all the great snippets that you did! We run the world!!!!

  2. Happy you loved it! Sili some day we’ll meet at the same event! Until then we’ll fill each other in on the awesome events through our blogs. 🙂

  3. JessicaRae says:

    Ladies did a fabulous job Im so happy I was able to make it out even if it was just for a quick visit 🙂

  4. It was def’ly the place to be! They did great!

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