Welcome to the third post in “My New Baby”, a blog series in which I walk you through my personal branding transformation, and end the natnanton.com journey with the launch of my new blog. If you missed the first two posts, you might wanna start things off here.

So far I’ve revealed that natnanton.com will be coming to a close to make way for my new blog. I have also let you in on the name of the new blog, (The Uncommoners Club) what it’s about (lifestyle design), and who it’s for (independent thinkers, like you).

Now I’m pumped to show you the logo! But before I reveal it to you, allow me to share my definition of the term that inspired the logo:

uncommoners noun [uhn-kom-uh-nerz]: those who think for themselves, lead with their heart, and are brave enough to do what the ordinary fear.
(Fun fact: that definition was modelled after the three characters in The Wizard of Oz.)

I wanted the logo to embody that definition. Happy to report, I managed to come up with the just the right thing! And Plate Design Studio’s branding consultant, Adriana, brought it to life.

 I’m excited to introduce you to the llamacorn: part llama, part unicorn. 100% maverick.
El Cee the llamacorn

He proudly represents what The Uncommoners Club stands for. Being part llama…

He is his own boss.
llama boss
But he’s not all business all the time. (You wanna put your sound on for this one.)

He’s badass and he knows it.
He lives on the edge, embracing adventure and the unconventional side of life.
surfing llama
He’s all about his tribe.
llama tribe

And he stays true to himself.
long hair llama

Now throw in a lil’ unicorn magic and the llama becomes plain legendary. 
A true uncommoner.


Soon you’ll be kickin’ it with the llamacorn. And llama just say, it’s gonna be a good time.

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I haven’t decided on a name for the lil’ guy. Does he look like a Leonardo? A Tobias? Some other name? In the comments below, leave your name suggestion for our llamacorn.

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