Welcome to the second post in “My New Baby”, a blog series in which I walk you through my personal branding transformation, and end the natnanton.com journey with the launch of my new blog. If you missed last week’s post, you might wanna start things off there.

Remember when Ice Cube went from gangsta to dadsta?

Ice Cube gangsta to dadsta

Talk about re-branding.
Well, I’m going from momsta to mobsta…except, not in the criminal gang kinda way. The only thing I’m trying to kill is status quo.

As you know, mommy blogs are for moms written by moms. In this case, natnanton.com is an “empowering blog for inspired moms”. What you probably don’t know, is that natnanton.com has a sizeable audience of non-moms…some of them are even males.

It’s about time I make it more comfortable for them to admit being a reader of my articles. 🙂

Adriana, branding babe, from Plate Design Studio, was helping me pinpoint my why and my who’s with her Discovery worksheet, when I realized that mothers aren’t necessarily my people.

My people are the ones who honor their inner flames and recognize that they need to re-write the rules to live a life by design, not default.

I want to write for inspired humans.

So it’s decided.

At my new digital home, I’ll be writing for those who are brave enough to think and act differently, in order to live out their wildest dreams.

If you’re that bird, here’s your invitation:

Who: you and your tribe of inspired humans
Where: outside the box n’ around the corner, at The Uncommoners Club
What: a lifestyle design blog for independent thinkers
When: a day in May
How: sign up here


Speaking of animals, next week, I’ll reveal the club mascot. She’s unreal. Get excited.

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