What’s worse than playing sick nurse? My toddler came down with a nasty flu for a week. And then I caught a horrible cold in the midst of that. Thankfully, I was only down and out for a couple of days. I knew of some who were affected for two weeks!

Want in on my secret weapon? I have three. All drool-worthy.

1. The Flu Shot.

No, not the kind you get at the clinic. I took ingredients that my grandma used to give me when I used to get sick and combined them into one powerful, immunity-boosting green smoothie.  It’s packed with ingredients that build your immunity army.

Cure for colds & flu, smoothie recipe

Key immunity-boosting ingredients:

  • Lemon/clementines: citrus gives you a dose of vitamin C. My grandma would shove oranges down my throat as soon as she got word that I was sick. She still does.
  • Honey: it’s full of immunity-boosting properties. It’s a great cough suppressant as well. 
  • Ginger: a natural anti-viral. 
  • Turmeric: this herb helps you fight off bacteria and viruses according to both, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine…and my grandma.

The rest of the ingredients are great for your health on any day!

2. Orgasm Therapy

Quantum leap life coach, Kim Anami, swears by orgasm therapy for a weak immune system.

You’ll be back to feeling like Superwoman in no time.

Orgasm therapy, immunity booster

Image via kimanami.com

Key immunity-boosting ingredient: 
Orgasm: “Feel a chill or the tickling of a sore throat? Quick—run and have an orgasm! A Wilkes University study showed that people having sex once or twice a week had a 30% increase in immunoglobulin A, which strengthens immunity.” – Kim Anami

You heard the lady…hop to it!

3. The Cold Cure Sandwich

This sandwich will ward off colds, flus, and vampires. What more could you ask for in a sandwich?

Cure for colds & flu, recipe

Key immunity-boosting ingredient:
Garlic: due to it’s immune-boosting compound allicin, garlic is known to relieve cold and flu symptoms.

I realize that the thought of consuming raw garlic is making you nauseous buuuut, just trust me on this. It tastes DELICIOUS!

Warning: this sandwich tends to be a bit of a moodkiller. Be sure to consume post-orgasm therapy. 
Or, just make the stinky sandwich for your partner too, and call it even.

And there you have it…the most exciting immunity boosters you’ll ever come across! Don’t wait till you’re deathly ill to try them. Best to put them to use throughout the cold and flu season.

Do you have any delicious immunity-boosters that you swear by? Do share in the comments below!

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