It’s been eight days.

How’re you feeling about your 2014 goals? Killin’ it so far? If you’ve been on your A game, then keep rockin’!

But let’s keep it real, if you’re human, you’re probably gonna lose steam at some point. Apparently, only 8% of people keep New Year’s resolutions. So, if you feel your enthusiasm dipping and your goals slipping away, you’re not alone.

But do you wanna get comfortable with the 92% who are living life by default…or be part of the extraordinary 8% who live a life they’ve designed?

I’ve decided to be part of the 8%. Although, to be honest, my first week didn’t go as planned. I have some lofty 2014 goals, so while the obstacles were expected, I didn’t expect them to attack so damn early. It was slightly distressing. Thankfully, I managed to get over that hurdle and I’m back at it!

Both groups experience the obstacles. The 8% just keep slaying those dragons.

When you meet yours, this guide might come in handy.

New Year's resolutions

1. Ask yourself, “what progress have you made?” Which action-steps have already been crossed off your list? Re-visit your 2013 accomplishments. Write them all down. Share it with someone supportive. Give yourself props. There’s the proof you need that this can be done!

P.S. The photo above was taken a few weeks ago when I faced my fear of drowning and attempted surfing for the first time in stormy waters…one of the biggest items on my 2013 list.

“If we magnified our successes as much as we magnify our disappointments we’d all be much happier” – Abraham Lincoln

2. Clear your mind. If you’re not grounded, the voice of doom can drown you in guilt, shame and thoughts of unworthiness that don’t serve you. Don’t worry, we’re about to deal with this mean girl. But first, a cozy blanket and a few deep breaths sent straight to where the tight knots are sitting in your body.

3. Let the centered, crazy lady write it out. So, now that you’re feeling grounded, let’s go there. Grab your journal and write out all the guilt, the negative feelings of fury, frustration, and disappointment. Uncensored. As long as you’re well aware that the crazy lady is present, you’re safe. It’s liberating.

When you’re done, dance it off. Go for a run. Do whatever it is that will get you outta this funk.

4. Break it down. Now that you’re moving on, figure out where things went amiss and how you should proceed.

  • You might need to consider a new approach to your goal.
  • Maybe your action steps need to be better aligned.
  • Perhaps more accountability is in order.
  • It’s possible that your goal is too ambitious, in which case, maybe all it needs is to be broken down further into bite-sized action steps.
  • Maybe a support group would help. Plug into existing relationships and find other like-minded people who can support you; it makes those difficult days so much easier. Plus, reciprocating the support can fuel your own engine.  My support system consists of:
    i) a loving partner, who motivates me and shares my love for personal growth
    ii) a fantastic group, called Living Your Extraordinary, led by Kate Muker of Conscious Divas, who have been such a source of inspiration
    iii) a mastermind group who cheer me on when it comes to my business goals

Be adamant in your desire to succeed, but adaptable in your approach. Steadfast but supple.

Truthbomb by Danielle Laporte

Truthbomb by Danielle Laporte

5. Bust out the noisemakers. HAP-PY JANUARY 9TH! Fresh starts—not just for the first day of the year. Success smells much sweeter when you’ve had to struggle for it. You’ve got this.

In the comments below share your progress (or lack of) with your 2014 goals and let me know if I can help!

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2 Responses to How To Revive Your Resolutions

  1. Monica says:

    What an uplifting article! I too choose to be part of the 8%. Now off to tame the crazy lady! Love that term, humour is always a good thing.

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