We’ve all heard about the power of words; but how conscious are you about your choice of words, the way you use them and the effect they have on your world.

Online and offline, without awareness, words can drain your energy, hurt others, and make you ugly (ya, ugly. Don’t believe me? There’s hideous proof below). 

If you wanna use words as a tool for human connection, inspiration, creativity, and problem-solving…read on. 

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Word Usage

1. Don’t gossip. There’s nothing worse than using other people’s sad stories as entertainment.
Do discuss ideas. The more wacky and “unrealistic” the better.

Inspiring quote

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2. Don’t whine and complain. Nobody likes energy vampires. 
Do ask for advice and discuss solutions.

3. Don’t say “sorry”, “please”, “thank you” like you were trained to do so. It takes the power right out of those magical words. 
Do say them with heart and intention…as if you’re actually aware of the words coming outta your mouth.

4. Don’t “argh”, “ugh”, or “pfft”. Passive aggression is not hot. 
Do sit with the uncomfortable feelings. Acknowledge and be aware. Then release the angst via acceptance or respectful communication.

And then shake it off to this tune when you’re ready for a smooth transition into your happy self.

5. Don’t curse out of anger. I can’t f@#!ing stand that $#!@. (Clearly, I struggle with this :).) But seriously, can you feel the way that sentence is so negatively charged? Find other ways to release that pent up energy (see #4). It will save you and the rest of us from your cursing-gorilla face.

Screenshots via Nanalew's "Sail" music video.

Screenshots via Nanalew’s “Sail” music video.

 drop the eff bomb if you wanna pack an extra punch when encouraging or celebrating.

Bad words + a positive message = extreme levels of highly contagious enthusiasm.

Thug Kitchen

Image via www.thugkitchen.com – the best f@#!ing food blog ever.

6. Don’t tell mean jokes. It ain’t funny if feelings get hurt.
Do tell classic, corny, silly, clever jokes if you’re looking to make someone smile.


You may not get retweeted 5000 times but you’ll a get a snicker outta someone.

7. Don’t 
be a silent admirer.
Do talk to people the way you talk to your best friend. Casual language opens the door to a more human connection.

8. Don’t go about your day pretending like the people you interact with are nameless.
Do read the name tag. Address the bank teller, the grocery clerk, your server by their names. Paying attention to those details make people feel loved. And they’ll probably be extra nice to you.

Keep in mind that all of the above is applicable to your Facebook status, your Twitter feed, your text messages, and your emails.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll find that your kids will adopt them too. Although, depending on your parenting style, you might wanna censor your extreme levels of highly contagious enthusiasm until they reach a certain age.

P.S. I struggle with many items on the list. So if you catch me in a bout of unconscious chatter, call me out.

Of the eight listed above, which one do you find to be the most challenging? Leave a comment below.

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