What? You’ve never heard of kitchenophobia? Maybe you’re not familiar with medical terms. Kitchenophobia is the name for the extreme aversion to meal preparation and cooking.

I casually mentioned that I don’t cook in a recent post. The truth is, I have a serious case of kitchenophobia. I’m like a headless chicken in the kitchen. Imagine how that feels.

If you think I’m exaggerating, I have stories.

There was that time when my blender started smoking during my first attempt at baking. A mixer and blender are the same thing, no? No! Blenders definitely don’t do well with banana bread dough…

Or, that time I made garlic mashed potatoes with six heads of garlic when the recipe called for six cloves…

At the age of twenty-nine, I’ve finally decided that it’s time to become queen of the kitchen and give my kitchenophobia the boot.

And I’m bringing my toddler along on this mission. I thought that it might be a bit early to start her off in the kitchen but my friends at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. proved me wrong.

This fabulous, kid-friendly restaurant recently hosted a hands-on cooking class for Tiana and seven other wee kidlets. Suzanne, the owner, guided their little hands.


Helping Suzanne drizzle caramel onto the popcorn.


Eager to see what the popcorn machine is capable of.

Each of them made guacamole dip for their veggies, scrumptious popcorn with dried apple and caramel, and the best part…they made their own gourmet pizzas!


Topping her pizza with mmmango!

*BAM* in ninety minutes my toddler outdid me in the kitchen!

I didn’t realize that my two-year-old could safely cut avocados, peel carrots,  and sprinkle and spread her little heart out.


Teamwork! Scooping out avocados with new friends.

And she really enjoyed it!

Enjoying the popcorn that she made.

Enjoying the popcorn that she made.


Sharing popcorn with the other cutie pies.

Now that I know her little hands are quite capable in the kitchen, my toddler will be joining me in my cooking adventures.  Although, after her cooking class with Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co., I’m thinking I may need to catch up to her skill level first…

If you want to prevent kitchenophobia in your kids, invite them to participate in meal preparations.

And, if you’re in Vancouver, I highly recommend that you attend a Rocky Mountain Flabread Family Pizza Making Night.

They will be choosing someone randomly from their Facebook Fan Page to win 2 tickets to their Family Pizza Making Nights. For your chance at winning “LIKE” their Facebook Page.

If you’ve tried cooking with your kids, in the comments below, share some kid-friendly recipes that Tiana and I can try.

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One Response to Cooking With Kids Prevents Kitchenophobia

  1. Harriet says:

    Theo actually cooks his own eggs (with my supervision) and loves, not surprisingly, to CUT things so I put him on cucumber detail for salads.

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