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Where I come from,
A week didn’t pass without the lights going out.
We’d run out into the yard.
Bike rides and “running catching” were so much more fun in the dark.
Shadow puppets, candlelit board games.
Sometimes if were lucky, fireflies would join the party.

At bedtime, the absence of the a/c left us lying in hot air.
We be flipping pillows every minute, chasing cool linens.
Dunking towelettes in ice water and wearing them on our faces.

Fast forward to my life in the West.
Fast-paced living.
Fastened plugs in every wall 24/7/365.
Fast food. Fast lanes. Fast forgetting about Earth’s finite resources.

So this Saturday, during Earth Hour, I’ll head to the hills
To take in the view of the Earth Hour Capital of the World,
While I sit and map out my response to this global call-to-consciousness.

Earth Hour March 23, 2013

If we all unplugged for an hour a week, imagine the expansion in our global consciousness.
I picture overflowing gratitude jars,
Imagination and intuition on their way to being restored,
And an overall increase in intentional living.
That is what precedes community action towards climate change.

Crazy or crazy awesome? Would you do Earth Hour once a week? Discuss in the comments below.

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