Knowing that your beloved sister is having an unassisted home birth in Costa Rica really tests your ability to let go and let be.

Little did I know, I didn’t have anything to worry about.


My gorgeous pregnant sister.

Angels surrounded her. Each one arriving right on time.
The kindest couple welcomed her into their home.
They made her tea. They fed her Costa Rican mangoes. They never left her side.
Mama-to-be danced to the beat of African drums and the sounds of a sitar.
The music perfectly matching the rhythm of the contractions.
Three darling children offered their “om’s” and drummed along.
Friends across the globe lit a candle. Said a prayer. Breathed for her.
Family tuned in live, through the internet. Costa Rica to Canada to China.

L’amor puro.

Five hours later, it was time to push.
A knock on the door.
Another angel.
A delivery nurse, who was sitting by the roadside, got word.

Las estrellas alineadas.

After 3 hours of pushing, Sister was getting weak.
So the universe sent another.
This time via Skype. A midwife in California.

La gracia divina.

With all her angels present, Mama gave it all she got.
Baby boy arrived. Healthy and peaceful.
The sweetest angel of all.

Welcome to the world Mi Amor!
I’ll be sure to tell you this story if you ever forget that you are a miracle.


Mama introducing her baby boy to Tiana and I via Skype.

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6 Responses to A Miracle Birth In A Foreign Country

  1. BiaBia says:


  2. Keshni says:

    Tears and more tears of joy! Couldn’t be happier and greatful
    for the angels who were present. The pic is previous and conveys everything!

  3. Michelle says:

    What a wonderful story. May God and his angels continue to surround your sister and her bundle of joy.

  4. Nat Nanton says:

    Yup! Joy is the perfect word to describe the occasion!
    Thanks ladies. 🙂

  5. Brooke says:

    Wow- that is an amazing birth story. Do you mind my asking why your sister decided not to have an assisted birth? I always find that sort of stuff interesting about why people choose what they do, since birth is so personal and intimate.

    And how cool is that– to have family there thanks to technology. Amazing.

  6. maliha says:

    hi brooke, i decided to go unassisted and natural because i have a very strong intuition, psychic and healing practice, which made me feel like i was up to the challenge of tapping into mother’s intuition and have that be my strongest guide through it all 🙂 i would do it over again as it was a right of passage i went through, a rebirth of my own.

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