They say you find true love when you’re not looking. I have friends who met their loves in an amusement park, in kindergarten, and in an ashram. Fate at its finest.

But self-love isn’t written in the stars. It requires you to search with open eyes and a willing heart.

I’ve been hunting around for quite some time now and I think it’s time I share my most unexpected findings. So, today I open my treasure chest. Have a look!

Where Is Your Love Hiding?

In your hair – you will fall in love hard when you wear a flower in your hair. Maybe some baby’s breath in your braid. Or a begonia by your bun. Eventually, you’ll graduate to the flower crown – a true statement of self-adoration.

DIY flower crown by Calico Skies

Photo credit & D.I.Y flower crown by

2. In your moisturizer –  you can slather on the moisturizer like you seasoned last night’s chicken dinner…or… you can light a candle, turn on some earthy instrumentals and treat yourself to a full-body rub-down with coconut oil. Mmmm.

3. In your paint-by-numbers kit – Those things aren’t just made for kids, you know. Check your local crafts store and get excited. You’ll discover that this activity is so hypnotic and surprisingly healing. Art for the heart.

4. In your underwear drawer – the fugly undies have their purpose; but good luck feeling sexy when you’re wearing something that unflattering. Reach for your prettiest panties and not your granny knickers when you need a little love. And by pretty I don’t mean itchy, scratchy lace. Choose comfy, contour-clinging, sassypants.

5. In your shower stall – A drop of your preferred essential oil in the corner of your shower stall will seriously enhance a hot n’ steamy shower. Heavenly sinful. My nostrils adore lavender in case you’re wondering which oil I recommend.

6. In your chocolate stash – the key here, is to choose 75% (or higher) dark chocolate. It satisfies cravings. It melts in your mouth. It’s good for your heart. And it’s guilt-free. In other words, dark chocolate has the opposite effect of the chocolate crack that tempts you as you stand in line at the grocery store.

7. In empty wine bottles –  wine lovers, let me tell you what to do with the empty bottles: fill with green-wire fairy lights.  Fireflies in a bottle. Une atmosphère magique for an evening of relaxation.

Photo credit & D.I.Y. by

Photo credit & D.I.Y. by

8. In a mason jar – fill the jar with lovenotes (ie. your achievements, big and small; challenges overcome; your favourite physical features or personality traits). Enjoyable in the moment. Appreciated on days of self-doubt.

9. In a teacup – drinking tea is like receiving a hug from your insides (it feels better than it sounds). So put the kettle on, dust off your prettiest tea cup, sip slow, and do nothing else. You have now entered the tea zone.  

10. In your smartphone – show your friends what your love looks like with a selfie. Stretch those arms and strike a pose. Your kids are cute but, Mama, you pretty face deserves to be framed too!

Ooh la la. C’est l’amour!

Which ones on the list get you most excited? Have I missed any prime locations for self-love? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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8 Responses to 10 Places To Find (Self) Love Where You Least Expect It

  1. Jessica says:


  2. Harriet says:

    I’m so INTO essential oils in my soap, lotions and conditioners. Lavender, coconut and pine. Mmmmmm…. Love what you said about tea. SO true. Tea is much more loving than coffee, which is basically a kick in the head!

  3. Rebecca Sehn says:

    Aaah the wine bottle idea! Genius.

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