When was the last time you felt like you were really living it up, achieving your dreams, stepping up to the challenge? Taking care of Junior doesn’t have to mean that you’re days of fun are over. But I get it. Kids require energy–a lot of it. And moms are lacking sleep, feeling wiped out and exhausted.

When you’re feeling like that, the most you can do is get through your daily routine. Don’t expect to “carpe diem” when you’re wearing your crankypants with your eyes half-open.

Solution? Cold showers.

Let me tell you about the experience that opened my eyes to the power of the cold shower.

I live on Canada’s west coast, where the winters are mild, but the ocean is freezing. Only the crazies can be found taking a dip in the pacific ocean at winter time. Well, call me crazy. On January 1, 2013, I dove in. I participated in the Polar Bear Swim along with thousands of others.

This is a big deal for a girl who never sets more than a toe into water that isn’t steaming.

Here I am in my tutu at the polar bear swim.

Here I am. Wearing my tutu. Dripping wet, freezing cold, and supercharged after the Polar Bear Swim.

Pre-Polar-Bear Plunge

I decided to do it 30 minutes before the scheduled event. I was nervous as hell, slightly crabby, and definitely groggy from enthusiastically ringing in the new year with family and friends till 3 am that morning.

But I try to go where resistance is strongest because growth is guaranteed under those circumstances.

I kept questioning whether I was physically capable of doing this (knowing fully well that it was my mental weakness that was the issue here). I was seriously tormented in that half hour. “What if I end up getting sick? Isn’t this how people get hypothermia and die?” When the longest 30 minutes of my life was over, I ran into the ocean with a close friend on my right arm and a stranger on my left—digging my nails into both, joining in on the communal war cry of thousands of other crazies.

Mid-Polar-Bear Plunge

*&^!#@$ GASP!  *&^!#@$ GASP!  *&^!#@$ GASP!

Post-Polar-Bear Plunge

I felt pretty bad-ass coming out of that water.  The plunge felt so good that I went back in a second time! I was completely invigorated and so charged up that I didn’t mind walking the six blocks back to my girlfriend’s apartment wetter than an otters pocket in 3-degree weather.

When I took a second to witness the transformation that had taken place in my mind, from “This is dumb. Do I even want to do this?!” to “@#$%! YA 2013!!”, I figured I should turn this into a daily ritual. I want to feel this good everyday!

Cold Showers Every Morning

It has been a couple of weeks into my cold shower morning routine. The mental pre/mid/post process is pretty similar to the happenings of January 1st. I hear it gets easier at some point. But it is 100% worth it!

Whether you are lacking sleep, motivation, or courage, first thing in the morning or the middle of the day, a cold shower will kick you out of that rut.

Don’t be surprised if you willingly tackle those dreaded taxes, have that difficult conversation, or make dinner like you really mean it!

In the comments below, share your own practices that give you an energy boost. And “like”, “tweet” or “pin” this post if you dig it!

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2 Responses to The Uncommon Mood-Boosting Technique For Cranky Moms

  1. BiaBia says:

    um….. YOU’RE CRAZY! 🙂

    i don’t think i will be doing this voluntarily haha! who knows, maybe someday i will go crazy too….

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