2012 was good to natnanton.com. With added features, such as a swanky newsletter, a weekly Instagram challenge, and hot giveaways, this blog has come a long way in twelve months.

A few 2012 highlights include:

  • Being voted into 3rd place as a Top 30 Ultimate Blogger.
  • Being featured on Miss604.com, Vancouver’s most popular blog.
  • Guest blogging for tinybuddha.com, where my post received a lot of love (almost 1500 Facebook “likes”. Yip! Yip!).

Speaking of love, let’s take a look at which blog posts you loved the most, voted by you every time you clicked, commented, “shared” or “liked” a post.

Popular posts 2012


#10. What Our Daughters Need To Know About Make-up

Tiana is two years old and refuses to kiss me when she is “wearing lipstick”. When the time comes for her to be wearing make-up, I hope she follows my six make-up principles. I’m guessing you agree with my make-up guidelines, seeing that this post came in at #10.

Make-up quote


#9. The Secret To Fitness That Nobody Tells You About

The vow to exercise has got to be at the top of the list of failed new year’s resolutions. Well, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll keep your promise if you take the fitness personality quiz found in this post.

Gretchen Rubin quote


#8. 8 Reasons Why You Should Stop Being Modest

I’m celebrating the fact that this post made the top 10. This message is one that I think most women need to hear: own it! Stop giving away your power; choose grace, confidence and humility over modesty.



#7. How Babies Highlight The Miracle Of Death

To see that this post was on the list was like receiving a hug from every reader. This was the post that was the most difficult to write and the nearest to my heart.  I’m so grateful for all the love and support I received through my blog.

Image by Ami Sanyal Photography

Image by Ami Sanyal Photography


#6. Do You Choose Entertainment That Energizes Or Deflates You?

Hopefully this popular post (and every post on my blog) energizes and uplifts all who read it.



#5. The Advantage Of Being Hit By A Superstorm

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if this post would be well-received. I’m glad my readers are ones who see the silver lining.

natnanton quote natural disaster hurricane sandy


#4. 8 Parenting Mistakes That Kill A Child’s Creativity

If I were to print out one post from 2012, this would be the one. Although I wrote the post, I need constant reminders to steer clear of these costly parenting mistakes.

The creative adult is the child who survived


#3. Are You (Unintentionally) Raising A Bully?

Parents may not be doing it on purpose, but in my opinion, all bullies are raised. Read this post for tips on how to make sure your child doesn’t grow up to be a bully.

Bullying quote


#2. 5 Signs That You Need To Use A Neti Pot

If you’re wondering why a post about nasal cleansing took the #2 spot, you clearly haven’t tried the neti pot.



#1. Tips For Keeping A Toddler Happy During Portraits

The hottest post of 2012 has tried-and-true tips for making sure that the littlest residents of Moodyville are their most joyful selves during a family photo shoot.
With nearly 130 Facebook “likes” and “shares”, something tells me I wasn’t the only one with that issue.


I’m loving each and every reader who made it so tempting for me to stay up till 3 am blogging every night in 2012.

Which blog post was your favourite?

What now?

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