When is the last time you felt like a goddess? Between poopy diapers and sleepless nights, life as a mom can quickly make you forget your inner feline.

You need a visit to Amaluna, an island governed by goddesses and guided by the cycles of the moon; where every goddess is uniquely talented and equally beautiful. This Cirque du Soleil production restores the harmony between a woman’s strength and grace through awe-inspiring entertainment.


9 Reasons Why Amaluna Is Perfect For Mama’s Night Out

1. For one, “Ama” means mother in many languages. From the love story, to the mother-child bond that the show is centered around, you’ll find that it relates to your own story.

2. On Amaluna, everyone is a “madame” or “madamemoiselle”. The term “monsieur” simply doesn’t exist. The males are addressed as women. I could get used to that.

3. You’ll be floored by the tightrope act, done in heels. And you thought you mastered your stilettos.

4. The 100% all-female band is just plain bad-ass. The percussionists and electric guitarists alone are worth the price of admission.

5. The waterbowl act will bring out your inner mermaid.

6. The mesmerizing peacock dance is performed by a woman (finally, justice for the bitterly brown peahens of the world).

7. Moms will seriously consider hiring the Balance Goddess to bring some of that breathtaking equilibrium into their lives.

8. The show selects random men from the audience to each care for a fussy “baby”. Hilarity ensues when these guys awkwardly attempt to be nurturing.

9. The matriarch owns her power and demands respect while simultaneously loving her daughter tenderly. Now that’s a goddess.

GIVEAWAY: Win 2 Premium Tickets To Amaluna In Vancouver

Update: the contest is now closed. 


I honestly think that you’ll have a spectacular night out at Amaluna. And I know you deserve it. So I have partnered with the folks at Cirque du Soleil to give one lucky mama 2 PREMIUM seats to the show in Vancouver (approximate value $300).
Get in on the action now. I’m shutting down the gates on December 14, 2012, at 12 pm PST. Update: the gates are now closed and a winner has been notified.

Click for your chance to win 2 premium tickets to Amaluna.

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