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The holiday season has everyone buzzing…and not just from the rum and eggnog. Once December 1st hits, it’s ho ho ho go go go with all the partying, shopping, line-ups, family portraits…etc.

To avoid getting kooky during Christmas time, practice yoga and meditation often.
If you’re thinking you can’t possibly squeeze something else into your holiday schedule, as the saying goes…

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” – Old Zen Adage. (That’s a Tweetable!)

 25 Days of Yoga (Free)

Free yoga and meditation videos for everyone, from the newbie to the seasoned yogi. In your home. At whichever time of day best suits your hectic holiday schedule. Now that puts the spirit back in Christmas. Thank you, My Yoga Online!

The program is already on Day 9 so sign up now to make the most of it!

What do you do to stay centered during this time of year?

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3 Responses to Things That Make You Go “Ooo”: Free Yoga Online

  1. Bonny Albo says:

    I take a night, every week, where I unplug everything (after the kids are in bed) and do whatever I feel will nurture me in that moment. Perhaps a bath, or a good book, or some yoga, but other times it's a walk or doing nothing at all.

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