Through Mama’s Eyes is an interactive weekly challenge that invites moms on Instagram to capture the fun, the beauty, and the simple pleasures that show up in their lives. Every Monday, a designated theme will be declared for the week on the blog. For a chance to be featured on the blog on the following Mondays, follow @natnanton.

Last week was a week of gratitude. Moms stepped up to the challenge by capturing all things they are thankful for. Here’s a peek at a few entries:

Instagram challenge for moms

Photo credits (L to R): @amydotlee, @blauelibelle, @bitsofbee

Scroll through the live feed to check out all the rest.

This Week

Blogger and cheeky mom from the #tmeic community, Lisa Corriveau (you might know her as @blauelibelle), suggested a brilliant theme for this week: dirty little secrets. So for this challenge, show us the clutter in the closet, the unfolded laundry, and the frozen dinners. Things are about to get real…
Thanks for this fantastic idea, Lisa!

P.S. I will be announcing the next Instagram challenge giveaway soon. All photos tagged since the previous giveaway are automatically entered to win! Stay tuned for details. 

Instagram challenge for moms


Ready for the challenge?

1. Follow me (@natnanton).
2. Take a photo that fits with the theme.
3. Tag your image with hashtag #TMEIC

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