When disaster strikes, we find ourselves asking “why”. Why does a superstorm have to hit the innocent, helpless premature babies in New York? Why does an earthquake have to hit Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere?

The answer is one that is uplifting, life-changing, and personal to each person affected.

Yes, uplifting. I truly believe that disasters are divine intervention in disguise.

natnanton quote natural disaster hurricane sandy

I have weathered my own superstorm, metaphorically speaking. It knocked the wind out of me, leaving me with pennies in my pocket and just a few clothes in a suitcase. I was down and out and I couldn’t help but wonder, “why me. Why now?”

The storm has passed and now it’s purpose is clear to me. That disaster was meant to push me right out of my comfort zone so that I’d be forced to make some major life changes. For one, it challenged my attachment to material things and questioned my consumerist ways.

Since then:

  • I have lived in a small home dressed with previously-loved or hand-crafted decor and necessities.
  • I’m car-free (and still mobile).
  • I’m TV-free (and loving it).
  • I’m a self-proclaimed “DIY” queen.
  • I’m supercali-frugal-istic.

I’m far more content this way than when I needed no excuse to buy three leather jackets from Bebe… in one transaction. I just needed me a catastrophe to show me how to exist in the zone of true abundance and wealth, without attachment to “stuff”.

So for all those affected by Hurricane Sandy, and disasters of any other form, the universe sent it with a message. My prayer is that you accept your current situation, trust that the universe is on your side and open yourself to the changes that await you.
Keep your head up.

Have you gone through any earth-shattering experiences that you can attribute your current happiness to?


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8 Responses to The Advantage Of Being Hit By A Superstorm

  1. Such an eye opening post! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sarah De Diego says:

    Hmm depends on what you call earth shattering.

    I had my first epiphany at age 28 (not sure if I'll have another) and it precipitated the cancellation (and loss of non-refundable deposits, the horror) of my (first) wedding plans.

    I carried triplets to 30 weeks and then lost my son as an infant.

    I am now a full-time Zookeeper to that which I call my family and I'm not sure that I would change anything. Yes, I just wrote that.

    Thanks for making me think. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes not so much…

    P.S. I have not had a tv for 13 years and counting (lost it in the divorce). I don't consider that to be earth shattering at all. Quite the opposite.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo.
    Blogging about Life, Loss and Reviews with a side of Humour.

    • Nat Nanton says:

      Wow, Sarah. Thanks for sharing that. I can only imagine how my world would fall apart after losing my infant. You are one strong Mama!
      And yes, TV free is definitely the way to be!

  3. BiaBia says:

    hey Nat

    i totally forgot that you used to buy stuff and now you don’t really. it’s good living like this eh? but somehow you still dress like a superstar! 😀

    no tv is good. tv just tells you what you should buy. movies are still fun though. 🙂

    three leather jackets? is one for me? 😛

    • Nat Nanton says:

      Aw Bia, you know what, I haven’t bought new clothes or shoes in over 2 years. I owe my superstar wardrobe to previously loved clothes, and borrowing from big sisters and best friends. 😉
      And I do still enjoy a good movie on my laptop.
      Feel free to use my leather jackets whenever you’re in Vancity! I mean it.

  4. Cecily says:

    wow-amazing Nat! I applaud your honesty! Since moving to China I am also learning to live ‘frugally.’ It is easier to accept then you think–it helps you realize money is definitely not key to real happiness. It’s freeing! 🙂

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