How ridiculously powerful is that feeling you get when your vision takes shape? When solutions present themselves. When you meet the right people, at just the right time. When opportunities are abound, every where you turn.

When you manifest your desires, you feel like a dancer whose every move is made with the purpose of making her heart smile.

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I wrote a poem so that you and I can celebrate this ecstatic state.
Or, we can use it as a reminder for those days when we struggle to believe in possibilities.

When Things Align

When things align,
It’s a damn good sign
That you’re in touch, in tune, in harmony
With the stuff that makes your heart scat.

Ski bi di bi di do bap do

Hey Universe, thanks for that.
I always knew you had my back.

Highs and lows,
Don’t worry, I know how it goes.
To the dips that await,
I’m ready for you.
No fear here ‘cuz I know you come with great value.

But man, when things align,
Don’t thank your lucky stars.
See the miracles for what they are:

Reflections of your madd wisdom that you tend to second-guess.

Believe that you are omniscient and deserving.
But ain’t it easy when things align!

How do you celebrate when things are going well? A victory dance? Poetry? Cake?

What now?

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4 Responses to How It Feels to Manifest Your Desires

  1. Ami Sanyal says:

    Nice work, Nat—I always find it difficult to share writing like this =).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the poem – so much energy! I'm dancing and scattin' with you, babe!

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