As some of you may already know, I sell my handmade tutus online at Tutu Mama. Lots of exciting changes are near for Tutu Mama. For now, I’m excited to announce that Tutu Mama has a new photographer and a new tutu design!

But first, a shout out to Ami Sanyal for all his beautiful work as Tutu Mama’s original photographer. Thank you everything!

Now, I’d like to welcome Janice Croze from Janice Croze Photography.

Besides being a photographer, Janice (or Miss J, as Tiana calls her) is a mother of two and a blogging pioneer at the immensely popular, 5 Minutes for Mom! We actually connected in the ladies’ washroom at an inspiring event for mothers. You’ll get a chance to find out more about Janice in an upcoming interview.

She met with us on Monday to photograph Tutu Mama’s latest tutu: the Toadstool Tutu. Tiana will be wearing this design as part of her Minnie Mouse costume on Halloween.

Minnie Mouse costume tutu

The Minnie Mouse headpiece is an easy peasy DIY (post coming soon).

Toadstool Tutu Minnie Mouse costume

Being red and white, the Toadstool Tutu could also be part of the perfect outfit for Christmas time (it’s coming fast, people).

Handmade Christmas Tutu for little girls

Christmas handmade tutu for babies, toddlers, little girls

 Shop now for the Toadstool Tutu!

What do you think of this latest Tutu Mama design?

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10 Responses to Meet Janice Croze And The Toadstool Tutu

  1. Janice Croze says:

    LOVE it! Your tutus are adorable Natalia Nanton! 🙂

  2. Natalie says:

    These Tutus are really great! I just found your site via 5 minutes for mom – I’m also from Vancouver, now I just need a girl to put one of these on. Adorable!

    • Nat Nanton says:

      Another Mama Nat in Vancouver! Awesome! Thanks so much for the compliments. Mr. Rain Phoenix (great name!) might protest. Happy to have found a local mom blogger. 🙂

  3. Bianca Bujan says:

    I love it, SO adorable! Great pictures by Janice too!

  4. Angie Gat says:

    Great tutus. The model is adorable.

  5. Your daughter is so sweet and I love that tutu!

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