Unless it speaks to your soul, ignites your passions or helps you grow, your chosen entertainment is holding you back.

Distracting you from living a life you deserve. Delaying you from fulfilling your purpose.

Sounds dramatic, but it’s as simple as this: if it doesn’t uplift you, it brings you down.

To make space for quality entertainment, you may need to make a few tradesies. Goodbye Honey Boo Boo.

4 Entertainment Trade-offs That You’re Worthy Of

1. Put down the sleazy celeb magazines and start following the lives of those who are famous for making a difference. Like, say, power mama, Arlene Dickinson.

2. Switch trashy, reality TV for documentaries that get your wheels turning. Watch Miss Representation.

3. Trade in the Vegas strip for a wellness retreat. Say “yes” to Eoin Finn’s retreats.

4. Swap a gossip session with the girls for outings to events/conferences that leave you inspired. Attend Leading Moms: Inspiring Talks By Extraordinary Moms.

Leading Moms

The event will showcase moms leading the way in the arts, fashion, culture, business, science, media, politics and more. It’s tomorrow, Wednesday, October 3, 2012. Come. I’d love to be inspired with you. You can find all the details and register here.

Where do you turn for inspiring entertainment? 

What now?

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