I don’t need to quote research to convince you that many women, if not most, don’t leave the house without make-up on.

As for  me, I never really got into make-up. Magazines, T.V. and friends have tried to convince me to cover up my dark circles, define my eyes and paint my cheeks as my daily routine. But the fact remains, I feel a lot more comfortable with little to no make-up on.
Even on my wedding day, my bridesmaids had to beg me to apply mascara on my less-than-voluminous eyelashes.

Although I enjoy a little make-up on occasion, I am so grateful that I don’t have to rely on cosmetics to feel good about my appearance.

I’d like my daughter to share the same outlook on make-up.

{Click for a tweetable: “A smile is the best make-up any girl can wear”}

Using make-up will be her decision, once she is old enough. But hopefully by discussing the following topics, her decision will be an educated one.

  1. Know your “why”–  be aware of the motivations behind your make-up. If you are driven by feelings of  insecurity or the need to conform, know that there is an underlying issue that needs to be dealt with. These issues are ones that make-up cannot solve. They are, however, no match for your Mama! So turn to me, I’ve been there.
  2. Accentuate your favourite features – work what your mama gave you. Ok fine, you got the long eyelashes from your dada. What I’m trying to say is, use make-up to highlight your favorite features. If you start wishing for features that you don’t have, you’ll soon resort to a “fake-up” routine; faking it never fools anyone. Not to mention, that mindset is very damaging for your soul.
  3. Don’t hide behind it – if you have blemishes, dark circles, puffy eyes, know that we all do from time to time.  Those flaws are your body’s way of asking you for some extra TLC. When they appear, it’s a good time to examine your routines, relationships and state of mind. After that, attend to them with natural remedies. Covering them up with make-up will make matters worse.
  4. Don’t be a slave to make-up trends – generally, stick to make up that looks natural on you. Your natural beauty will never go out of style. Having said that, there is no denying that some occasions call for “dare-devil red” lipstick. To maximize the effect of bold make-up, reserve those looks for the major fiestas.
  5. Less is more – using light make-up once in a while, will save you time, money and energy–all limited resources that could be spent on things that are far more valuable in life.
  6. K.I.N.D – keep (the) ingredients natural, Darling. Your skin drinks in all the many toxins that are in make-up products which, ironically, ends up creating flaws that you could do without.  Choose the natural, least harmful products.

Which of the above tips do you think are the most crucial in educating young girls about cosmetics?


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12 Responses to What Our Daughters Need To Know About Make-up

  1. Bee Cooler says:

    I agree with every word you wrote.

  2. Cecily says:

    I really like what you say in number 1 & 2. I think most girls/women suffer from self esteem issues including myself and sometimes it’s easy to try to cover up your ‘flaws’ with make-up. It is good to remember the reason your wearing it and to be happy with it on or off.

  3. Judith Jane Spencer says:

    Great wisdom, indeed. I would agree with a smile being the best make-up any girl can wear!

  4. Nat Nanton says:

    Thanks for your honest comment, Cec. I’m pretty sure every single woman has days when she feels unpretty. I hope conversations like this one will help Tiana in dealing with those moments.

  5. This is wonderful – I always tell my daughter that a smile is the prettiest thing she could wear. I do think that wearing makeup to enhance your look on special occasions is part of appreciating your own beauty – and doing it "kind"-ly is fabulous. There are some great non-toxic makeup brands out there. Awesome post, Nat!

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