Through Mama’s Eyes is an interactive weekly weekend challenge that invites moms on Instagram to capture the fun, the beauty, and the simple pleasures that show up in their lives. Every Friday, a designated theme will be declared for the following weekend on the blog. For a chance to be featured on the blog on Mondays, follow @natnanton.

I’m streamlining things a bit and making it easier. From now on, there will only be one hashtag that you’ll ever use to participate in the challenge: #TMEIC. 

I will announce the theme as usual, here on the blog, with a few reminders on Twitter and Facebook. On with the fun…

This weekend’s theme: artsy craftsy, inspired by these fun photos recently shared on Instagram. (Note that the photos aren’t just of kiddie art. Moms can do arts and crafts too!)

Photo credits (clockwise from L to R): @miichelaox3, @loriinthesky, @jsullivan33, @devonholzwarth

Ready for the challenge?

1. Follow me (@natnanton).
2. Take a photo that fits with the theme.
3. Tag your image with hashtag #TMEIC

It’s all about being right-brained this weekend. I hope this photo challenge inspires you to pick up a paintbrush, or fabric glue or pipecleaners…etc. Capture all the photos of you and/or your kiddo doing arts and crafts and don’t forget to tag your photo with #TMEIC! Tag as many as you like until Sunday night!

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