How do you feel when your baby’s birthday comes around? A little sad that she is no longer teeny, tiny and as needy? Those thoughts creep into every mother’s mind when their child turns another year older. Birthdays tend to remind us that life changes as time goes on.

Seemingly harmless, each thought we have leaves an impact. These thoughts can become a pattern that repeatedly robs us of the happiness available to right here and now.

{Click for a tweetable: “Don’t let the past steal your present.” – Cherralea Morgen}

I caught my heart breaking on Tiana’s birthday as I recapped the last two years.  When I shifted my focus to the pretty little girl standing in front of me, I realized that, as much as I enjoyed Tiana’s wee days, I wouldn’t trade it in for who she is right now. She is one spunky monkey.

Thirty-one lbs of pure joy.

The Present

Nowadays, we hold hands when we walk down the street. We sing songs together. We have tea parties. She draws balloons and smiley faces. She tells me she misses me after being gone for just an hour. She is my little echo. I watch her twirl in pretty dresses. She tells me I’m “piddy”. We have conversations. I watch her bounce when she runs. I could go on…

I love our todays. I look forward to our future. And I choose to look behind at the sweet memories without letting it leaving a bitter taste. Memories of my baby stay sweet as long as I celebrate her today.

On Tiana’s birthday, we did just that. Here are a few snapshots from her 2nd birthday.

What do you love most about your child these days?

What now?

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2 Responses to How To Be Happy That Your Baby Is Growing Up

  1. That's so sweet. My little girl will be turning 2 in 1.5 weeks so I know exactly how you feel. I'm so grateful for who she is now but I do miss her smaller days.

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