How badly do you want it?

To be debt-free? To get a promotion? To write a book? To start the dream biz? To run a marathon?

Giving life to those dreams takes a lot of juice. The recipe for this smoothie calls for dedication, priorities, commitment and, the star ingredient, passion.

Notice that balance isn’t on that list? Balance tends to dilute the drink. Goals have deadlines. Balance delays things and keeps goals in the backburner.

{Click for a tweetable: “If you want to do great things, striving for balance is a losing game.” – Danielle Laporte}

Case in point: Olympic athletes. Not the most balanced bunch (besides the gymnasts).

You may have come across this Citibank commercial:

{Voices of Olympic athletes}

“Take a day off? I don’t even take a morning off.”
“I haven’t ordered dessert in two years.”
“You know that best selling book everyone loves? I haven’t read it.”
“I haven’t watched TV since last summer. Hey, I’ve been busy. ”

See what I mean?

What Passionate People Look Like

On Saturday, August 11th, I’ll be running my first half-marathon. I’ve been training six days a week.
When I bumped into my neighbour in the elevator the other day, she introduced me to her husband as “the crazy girl who lives at the gym”. I smiled.

When fulfilling your goals in full-throttle, some may think you’ve lost your marbles.

Now over to you:
I’d be willing to throw my life off balance by reducing/cutting out/increasing __________ , in passionate pursuit of       (name  hefty goal)    .


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4 Responses to Got Goals? Be Passionate, Not Balanced.

  1. Ami Sanyal says:

    Here’s that ad on Youtube:

  2. Nat Nanton says:

    Oo where!? I looked for a while and it showed up as “private video”. (There’s no link in your comment). Thanks!

  3. Keishla Lopez says:

    Thanks. Very much for this post.

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