There are three types of moms in this world: those who love to run, those who dream of running, and those who think runners are a cult of crazies who enjoy torturing themselves.

This previous-dreamer-turned-lover-of-running, is about to convince all the nonbelievers to hit the ground running.


A Mother Who Runs…

  1. Stands taller – carrying a baby all day can take a toll on your posture. Runners know that form and alignment are very important for efficient running. This strengthens the awareness and the muscles needed for proper alignment and posture throughout the day.
  2. Eats for energy – because the success of your run depends heavily on how well you eat, you’ll most likely choose your nutrition wisely. I now eat for energy 95% of the time. (The remaining 5% is reserved for chocolate).
  3. Sleeps like a baby – find yourself tossing and turning at night? Trust me, you’ll be sleeping like a baby after a good, hard run.
  4. Can touch her toes – I run 5 days a week. I do yoga 7 days a week to prevent injuries. I’m more flexible than I’ve ever been.
  5. Can see her toes – running is a very effective weightloss tool! (New mamas, before you lace up, get the ‘OK’ from the doctor first).
  6. Maximizes her mojo – don’t be surprised if, while you’re running, you come up with a grand business idea, an epic blog post headline, or the perfect plan for the kid’s surprise birthday party. Creativity freely flows where a runner goes. Have your voice recording app ready to catch those moments on tape.
  7. Has more energy – kids take a lot of energy out of you. Running does too. The difference? A run boosts your energy even hours after the run.
  8. Has muscles that were last seen in your high school Biology textbook– if you’d like to be introduced to Vastus Lateralis and company, start running.
  9. Is aware of her breath – rhythmic breathing is essential while running. Now I tune in to my breath during toddler meltdowns and while walking uphill carrying a tired 30-lb toddler. Perhaps the only time this is not recommended is when changing poopy diapers.
  10. Loves her city – this is your excuse to get out of the house! Explore your neighbourhood trails, tracks, streets, seawalls, and hills. You’ll love your ‘hood like never before.
  11. Is better prepared for the rough days – running pushes you past your mental blocks. If you can conquer a challenging run, you are better equipped to take on almost anything motherhood throws at you.
  12. Belongs to a community – when you became a mom, you joined the world’s best community. The running community comes close, made up of supportive, encouraging, and ambitious folks. Join both communities and you’ll never have felt so close to the human race. Pun intended.
  13. Gets a break – mothers need to take a time out for themselves regularly. Running can serve as alone time or as the perfect opportunity to catch up with friend.

In other words, running will recharge you, make you a better mom and change your life.

So which one are you? Lover/dreamer/nonbeliever? I’d love to hear your reasons, whatever your opinion may be.

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6 Responses to 13 Reasons Why Moms Should Run

  1. Worldbysmith says:

    Great post! You run like a mother! What a wild ride this half marathon training is turning out to be. I love all your points and I agree to everyone. I don’t run 5 days a wk though, just the 3 and then evey other day Yoga. I am sooo thankful yoga compliments run. Can’t wait to high five you at the finish line.

  2. Cecily Sanyal says:

    Nat you are inspiring! Yoga 7 days a week and running 5 days (and being a mom with a toddler? I need to get past my excuses and make exercising a priority 🙂

  3. Ami Sanyal says:

    Thought you might like to read this article on why Olympian (and mother) Sally Gunnell runs today:

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