What does it take to raise an Olympic athlete?

I have tuned in to every Olympic Games since 1994 and I have never asked that question. The 2012 Summer Olympics is the first one that I’ll be watching as a mother. I am beginning to realize that the mothers behind these elite athletes are as admirable as their all-stars.

Just imagine everything they must have done to give their child a chance at a gold medal.

“A loving mom is the silent hero behind every gold medal olympian” Tweet that!


My Mother’s Supporting Role

I was no olympian, but I can appreciate all the effort my mother put into raising a kid in sports.

I’ll never forget my very first track meet. I was the starting runner for a relay race and I was shaking like a leaf. I took my position, fairly close to the starting official. “On your marks, get set…” *BAM. He shot the gun.

It was loud. I was stunned, feet glued to the track. Then I heard “RUUUUUUUUN, NATALIA, GO GO GO!!”

My mother’s hollering got my feet moving and saved my team from coming in dead last. And at the end of the race, her comforting words were just what I needed to hear for me to ever think about stepping foot on a track again.

She fed my ever-hungry, active body. She did my sweaty laundry. She drove me to early morning practices. She was there for almost all my volleyball games and track meets.

And she was always the absolute loudest and most enthusiastic fan in the stands.


Recognizing the Moms Behind The Medals

The mothers behind the Olympians really do deserve recognition for their devotion.

P&G produced a series of videos that are a testament to the vital role a mother plays in the lives of the Olympians. Before you watch this one, grab a tissue.

Of all the efforts made by these silent heroes, which do you find most admirable? The extra laundry? Constant chauffeuring? Feeding them 12,000 calories a day? The emotional challenges that come with taking this journey alongside them?


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