Dada, my story-telling, belly-laughing, baskin-robbins-treating grandfather passed away on June 7th. It was the first time I experienced the loss of someone so close to me.

Dada, my sister, and I

Although it was expected, when I received the call, I panicked. I was angry, sad, and flustered. It was really happening.

Tiana, my little ball of joy, kept me from falling apart. After singing nursery rhymes for an hour, she gave him a kiss, waved, and bid him farewell. “Bye bye, Dada”.
That. Is the definition of “bittersweet”.

Dada & Tiana at the aquarium

As I watched her last moments with Dada, the dots connected…

The very building where Tiana took her first breath, one floor above, my grandfather took his last.
I had 9 months to prepare myself for her arrival and 9 days to prepare myself for Dada’s departure.
In both events, immense pain was followed by a love tsunami.

All the many parallels between birth and death laid out before me in those few seconds. It was then that I realized that I was witnessing something much bigger than the loss of my beloved grandfather.

Image by Ami Sanyal Photography

I was witnessing a miracle.

I was beginning to understand that death can be just as beautiful as birth.
Sure, I have moments where the pain revisits and I bawl like a baby. But, like birth, the focus is not on the pain. The pain is just a tiny part. It’s the process. I finally trust it. I accept it. And I choose to open my heart to the beauty of Dada’s passing.

How does your perspective on death affect the way you cope with losing a loved one?

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6 Responses to How Babies Highlight The Miracle Of Death

  1. Lana Samuel says:

    Your homage to you Dada is so beautiful Nat, it is so hard to lose someone we love, At the time of their death we are so caught up in our lost and grief that we fail to realized or remember how privileged we were to share in their lives and to be loved by them, but in time we get our "Ah Ha" moment where we know that their work/journey on this earth is done and they are called to continue their work with the Angels. I too do know how lucky the Angels are! My deepest condolences to you and your family.

  2. Ami Sanyal says:

    Beautiful post, Nat. I can imagine him sharing a quote like that after an amazing story, nice choice =)

    • Nat Nanton says:

      Thank you, Armo. Someone shared that quote with Mal when Dada passed. I thought it was just perfect. I can totally hear Dada saying that at the end of a story!!

  3. Geny Endean says:

    Too beautiful for words, Natalia. You are really a very, very special human being! Love you.

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