Training for a half-marathon is no joke. Especially for a first-timer like me. Twenty-one km is a great distance to cover by foot and the only thing that keeps me going on the 9-km training runs, is my playlist.

Nothing like a little LMFAO to make sure my feet keep moving.

Well, the other day, in the midst of my long run, I discovered that Adele’s soulful song “Someone Like You“, had somehow snuck onto my mixtape.  I adore the song, so I let it play.
…until I noticed a strange phenomenon taking over my body.

The treadmill continued at the set pace of 6 mi/hr, but against my will, my legs began a high-knees, lunging motion to match my pace to the beat of the song.

Very tiring at the 7-km mark…

What Would Oprah Do

Oprah would skip the song.

We can draw the same parallel with the people in our inner circle. If you keep company with bad vibes, it’s fairly safe to assume that, sooner or later, you’ll start swaying to their stanky beat.

So, as Oprah put it, “surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher” (not a service offered by those who drag their feet). Life is so much better when you’re buzzing to their beat.

Have you ever been a part of a crew that slows you down? What did you do about it?

Now over to you!

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