Moments of panic, frustration, fear, and plenty of tears defeated by the copious amounts of joy, love, and learning. That is the contrast of motherhood. This brings me to my first Sour n’ Sweet post (I like to end things on a good note): a look at my mommy moments of the week.

The Sour

1. Molars. Will they just come out and be done with it already!

2. Strollers + stairs. We need to be a ramp-only world.

3. Grumpy strangers who purposefully ignore a child’s sweet “hello”. Meanies.

The Sweet

1. Ladybug raincoats and ladybug boots.

2. A trip to the Vancouver Aquarium with Tiana and her great grandparents. So thankful for these memories.

Tiana and her 88-year old great grandpa.

3. Hips! Tiana’s new nickname.

What were your mommy highlights of the week?

What next?

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2 Responses to Sour N’ Sweet: Molars + Great Grandparents

  1. Cecily says:

    I got to enjoy all your ‘sweet’ moments with none of the sour ones…hmmm being an auntie is AWESOME!

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