So you’ve heard of bucket lists: the fun kind of TTD list that you aim to accomplish before you die. Well, I’ve decided to make me a bucket list of the season. I’m not planning on dying at the end of spring; I just think it’s a great way to make the most of it. In the past, I’ve found that I get so excited when a new season is approaching, only to let it whiz by without me actually doing much to celebrate it. This time around, I plan to carpe diem!


 Carpe Diem : Spring 2012 edition

  1. Make an Easter Bunny Butt cake – on Easter Sunday
  2. Bike the blossoms with Tiana in tow- on April 28th
  3. Enter the Haiku Invitational (cherry-blossom-inspired poetry contest)- by June 4th  – read my Haiku here.
  4. Decorate my bare walls with D.I.Y spring-themed home decor (a.k.a actually making Pinterest productive)
  5. Make/modify a spring-appropriate article of clothing or accessory.
  6. Take Tiana to Maple Wood Farm  – read about the farm adventures here.
  7. Start a herb garden.
  8. Support farmer’s markets. – lucky for me there’s a farmer’s market on my street every Wednesday. I’ve enjoyed handmade crafts and homemade food!

A pretty good list, I’d say. Do you plan activities for the season?

What next?

  1. In the comments below, tell me what activity you’re looking forward to this spring.
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