As a mother, you do everything you can to make sure your children are happy and healthy. You feed them. You bathe them. You make sure they are well-rested. And of course, you shower them with kindness and compassion on difficult days.

As much as you’d love to care for them forever, at some point, your little birds will leave the nest. If you want the positive effects of your affection to continue for the rest of their days, show them how to nurture themselves. Here’s another chance for you to lead by example. Now how exactly do you demonstrate this self love?

In her book, Crazy Sexy Diet,  “wellness warrior” and New York Times best-selling author, Kris Carr, suggests that the same loving approach you use to raise your child should be the one you use with your Self.


Following Carr’s tips, I dug up a photo of my 5 year-old self. Looking at that little face makes me aware of a few ways I could be kinder and more nurturing to my Self. I could drink more water, eat less sugar, be more forgiving of my mistakes, and do more art!

5 year-old me.

Only a mother knows how it feels to be …well…a mother. Take advantage of this and allow the experience of motherhood to enrich your life in all the unexpected ways.

I’d love to know what you think!

  1.  What are some things you can start or stop doing to contribute to your well-being? Leave a reply in the comments below!
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2 Responses to Crazy Sexy Advice For Mothers

  1. joanna macdougall says:

    hi Natalia, really like your article. To answer the first question, i think we as mothers have to do something for ourselves to contribute to our well-being. For example, when i’m at home all day with the kids and then i go to the gym for an hour and just reflect on my life, read a magazine or two, do some stretches. Then when i come home i feel revitalized and i appreciate my kids so much more. i need that little bit of time for myself because sometimes it is really hard when you are taking care of your little ones all day. That one hour at the gym makes such a difference to me. Anyways, hope you are doing well. Take care. Joanna

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