Becoming a parent really has the ability to change a person. Apparently, bad-boy-gone-dad rapper, Jay-Z, can attest to that.  There are articles floating around on the net reporting rumors that, in honor of his daughter, Jay-Z has decided never to use the word “bitch” in his future lyrics.

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Whether or not that is true, what really struck me were the negative comments on the blog post in reaction to Jay-Z’s attempt to be a better person.  Many of the readers questioned why the love for his wife didn’t make him think of ditching “bitch”. Some complained that it shouldn’t take having a daughter to make him want to be a better person.

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I left my two cents on the article, but I’d like to elaborate.

I recently blogged about a few ways that I have changed since having a child.  Here are my two reasons why changes, such as being eco-conscious, only occurred after I had my daughter:

  1. For the first time, my thoughts, words and actions took center stage. Knowing that parents are a huge influence on a child, I became suddenly aware of all aspects of my life that needed my attention.
  2. I became an authority figure. As much as my ego might be tempted at times, I know that taking advantage of that title will not result in a healthy mother-daughter relationship. They say “Mama knows best”. But Mama better do her best, or else Mama loses credibility. (This applies to Papa’s too.)

As much as you love your spouse, or any other person in your life, the above-mentioned motivations to become a better person, just aren’t as strong in other relationships. Can you think of any other reasons why having a child triggers self-improvement?

What next?

  1. What’s your take? Can you cut me (and Jay-Z) some slack? Or do you agree with the comments in the screenshot above? Reply in the comments below.
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