Dealing with pain is easier when you do activities that make you happy (no. 5 on the list).

Life is full of ups and downs. When you go through a rough patch, pre-motherhood, you have the luxury of wallowing in your sorrows. However, once you’re a mother, that is no longer an option. Now you are suddenly very aware of how you handle these situations. Children are so in tune with their mother’s emotions, that your pain and suffering can wreak havoc on their little souls.

Like you, I’ve had my share of highs and lows. I have experimented with a few ways to help me get through tough times. My top eight, most effective ways to deal with pain, help me heal quickly, sparing my daughter any unnecessary pain.

1) Let it all out – go under the covers and bawl like a baby. You’ll be so much further on your path to healing than if you hold back the tears.
2) Accept it – know that there is a life lesson waiting to be learned from this experience. The magnitude of your growth is directly related to the intensity of your suffering. Make the magic happen by accepting pain as your teacher.
3) Make your bed – literally. I found that keeping my living space neat and tidy, gives my mind the space it needs to find peace.
4) Look good – dress up. Do your hair. Wear a little extra-volume mascara. On most days, sweatpants are my bestfriend. But suffering + sweatpants + chocolate (the fixed variable) is a deadly trio.
5) Do activities that make you happy – what you focus on, grows. So, once you have number 1) out of the way, it’s time to cheer up. Make a list of your favourite activities to do and do them as often as possible.
6) Keep a journal – I found that putting my thoughts down on paper helps reduce the noise and confusion in my head. It’s also a great way to spend some quality time with yourself when the kids are in bed.
7) Recognize your dis-ease for what it is – They say 99% of all disease is caused by stress. My body usually responds to stress by making my face look like that of an orangutan (my eczema has no mercy). Previously, I’d be so busy being self-conscious, that I wouldn’t pay attention to the message my body was trying to give me: Nat, don’t let your circumstances get the best of you! Now, I try to show myself some extra TLC during these times. I find that shifting my attention to this message has far greater healing powers than medicine.
8) Watch “God Grew Tired Of Us – that documentary should stop you from feeling sorry for yourself. When you think of the problems that people, in some parts of the world, must endure, it makes you instantly thankful for your blessed life.

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2 Responses to The Eight Most Effective Ways To Deal With Pain

  1. Justine says:

    You seem like you have a very a strong family. I’ve recently been dealing with my husband and I splitting up. I read your ways of dealing with pain, and I can say its harder than I thought. Is there any other way that Eli’s you get through hurt?

    • Sorry to hear that, Justine. It’s never easy dealing with pain. Observe your thought patterns and emotions and then let it go. Also, showing yourself some extra TLC never hurts. Thanks for stopping by.

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