December is a month that has always been full of celebration for me. It is my birth month, and of course, Christmas and New Year’s Eve call for big celebrations for everyone.

Well this December, I added another celebration to my list: the 1st anniversary of Tutu Mama. Around this time last year, I had a five-month old baby; it was a week before Christmas; and I launched a business. If I had thought about it a minute longer, I would’ve waited until the hectic holidays were over. Instead, I closed my eyes and leaped into the world of entrepreneurship. Now I see that the timing couldn’t be more perfect since the year-end of my business coincides with the end of the calendar year. This makes for one big, happy, reflecting retreat.

My 2011 Review

My first year as an entrepreneur has been exhilarating. Things have come a long way since The First Tutu. Here are a few things I have accomplished in 2011…

A big hug and kiss to everyone who has supported Tutu Mama. An extra-long bear hug to Ami, my brother, who has walked me through my first year of being an entrepreneur by providing his love, support and encouragement 24/7/365.

Here is a virtual cupcake for all the love I have received from my supporters. (I thought I’d keep it virtual since you’ve probably had one too many goodies during the Holidays. ;))


What next?

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One Response to Tutu Mama Turns One

  1. Ami Sanyal says:

    Super proud of you, sis =)
    Excited to see where you are this time next year!

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