Andrea Scott, owner of skoah, and Kelly Findlay, Vice President Finance of Imperial Metals, were the two speakers at the “Giving Back” event at Momcafe Tricities. Andrea and Kelly have each started their own charity organizations and are giving back to the community in a big way. Even if starting your own charity is not on your to-do list, these ladies were great examples of how to maximize your impact on the community.

Find A Cause That’s Close To Your Heart:

If you’re not passionate about what you do, whether it’s blogging, or making tutus, you won’t get very far. The same principle applies to charity work. If you’re looking to make a difference in your community, choose a cause that you’re passionate about. One way to do that is to find a cause that you can relate to. Kelly Findlay attributes surviving stage 4 cancer to non-conventional treatments that she received in Germany. Knowing that travelling to Germany is not a possibility for everyone, she started a project called Kelly’s Clinic, a center that aims to provide treatments of the same caliber to patients in British Columbia. Kelly’s devotion to saving people’s lives is because of her own journey with cancer. Search through your past experiences and see if you can find a cause that you’re passionate about.

Clockwise from L to R: Kelly Findlay and Andrea Scott, Christine Nielson, Cadi Jordan and sons, goodies from the goody bags

Make The Most Of Working With A Charity

Andrea Scott, has always used her business to make a difference in society. She started skoah’s Hopeful Hand foundation, an organization that supports the parents of ill and terminally ill children through the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and Alberta Children’s Hospital. Before starting skoah’s own charity organization, Andrea supported many existing charities through her business. She has learned that you can really make a difference in the community through your business if you follow these three guidelines:

1. Find an organization that would benefit from your support.

2. Make sure your team stands behind your choice of charity.

3. Allow your customers to get involved in the process.

Use your business as a channel to focus the collective efforts into the community, as Andrea has done with skoah.


I left the event dreaming of ways to improve my own efforts to give back, through Tutu Mama and my personal life. Another inspiring Momcafe event! I’ll leave you with a wordle of the tweets and notes taken at the event.


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