Today’s Mama’s Music Mantra is about recognizing the positive changes that have taken place in you after becoming a mother. The song pick: You Are The Best Thing by Ray Lamontagne.  Now turn up those speakers, click play, and read on!

Mantra: “You are the best thing,

That ever happened to me.”


The end of 2011 is near. I usually spend a lot of time reflecting in December. Looking back made me realize how much has changed in me since the day I became a mom.  I was well aware that my life was never going to be the same after having a baby; but I took that to mean a lot more laundry and a lot less sleep. And although that was definitely true, the not-so-obvious changes are what really get me excited. Becoming a mom has done wonders for me. From changes in my physical appearance to shifts in perspective, I have evolved quite a bit since Tiana was born. Here are a few changes that occurred in me thanks to motherhood:

  1. Lost those stubborn pounds – I have always been active and a fairly healthy eater but in the last decade I had gained twenty or so unwanted pounds. After Tiana, I lost the baby weight plus the extra pounds!
  2. Feel more energetic – with less sleep, I don’t understand how it works. But the extra energy feels great!
  3. Make new friends – I’m lucky to have childhood friends in my life. But I hadn’t made any new meaningful relationships in a long time. Now, I discover and connect with fantastic people regularly.
  4. Stopped being a people-pleaser – I have finally accepted that my needs come first. Hallelujah!
  5. Push my boundaries – I spend less time focusing on the paralyzing “what-if’s” and more on the “so-what’s”.
  6. Learned to ask for help – I’d be lost without my A-team.
  7. Care to share – the old me would never share all this with you. Transparency is liberating.
  8. Became an entrepreneur – I never knew I had it in me.
  9. Became a blogger – blogging is now one of my creative outlets.
  10. Turned my creativity into a career – becoming an entrepreneur is one thing, but turning my creativity into a career was one of those things I never thought were possible for me.
  11. Became acquainted with my stove – I went from eating out twice a day to twice a month.
  12. Turned eco-conscious – honestly, I didn’t give a hoot about saving the planet pre-Tiana. Now I try to be eco-friendly in my business and personal life.
  13. Voted – I never quite appreciated democracy until I decided to “mom the vote“.
  14. Volunteergiving back to the community feels pretty great.
  15. Save money – as you know, kids are an added expense. But they also make you think twice about the way you spend your money. Since Tiana, I have managed to cut down on my monthly expenses!
Those are just 15 more reasons why I love being a mom!


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2 Responses to How Motherhood Has Changed Me

  1. Larisa Boar says:

    Hi Nat,
    I really like your article and I would say that becoming a mother changed my life in many ways.For sure I could realy on numbers 4,5,7,10,14,15
    Thank you for sharing.

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