The countdown is on. There are less than 4 days left before Christmas. If you’re a last-minute mama, you’re freaking out about all the Christmas shopping you have left to do. And every time you see people posting pictures of their tree with piles of wrapped presents underneath, your left eye starts twitching.  I’ve been there. I’ve been guilty of starting my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve in the past. From the road rage in the parking lot, to the mosh pit that awaits inside, the mall doesn’t bring out the best in us. But before you punish yourself for your holiday procrastination, let me tell you, you do not have to serve your sentence.  Here are 5 tips for getting your holiday shopping done, without participating in the frenzy:

  • Shop at a shopping street – similar to a mall, shopping districts offer a variety of shops and boutiques, without the claustrophobic feeling that invades malls a week before Christmas. Because street shopping doesn’t have all the convenience features of a mall, like department stores and food courts,  there will be less people. It’s worth sacrificing a bit of convenience for your sanity.
  • Shop at a craft fair – a craft fair is the perfect place for Christmas gifts. Support local, handmade goods in a wonderfully festive atmosphere.
  • Shop online for gift certificates – now there’s a stress-free solution! It may be too late for most online purchases to be shipped to your door in time for Christmas, but it’s not too late for an online gift card!
  • If you absolutely MUST make a trip to the mall, check for extended hours – most malls have extended hours at this time of the year. If you can’t avoid the chaos completely, minimize it by shopping outside of the regular mall hours.
  • Get photos with Santa somewhere else – This isn’t technically “shopping” but it’s the only other reason moms would be crazy enough to set foot in a mall in the next few days so I thought I’d add it to the list. Long line-ups+cranky kids+exhausted moms hardly makes for a great holiday memory. I bet you there are events in your city that are hosting a visit from Santa where the atmosphere is much more festive and enjoyable. Give’er a Google.

This qualifies as a photo with Santa…right?


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