Yesterday was October 31st; so obviously Mama’s Music Mantra has a Halloween theme.  The song pick: My Beloved Monster by Eels. Now turn up those speakers, click play, and read on!

Mantra: “My beloved monster and me. We go everywhere together. We’re in a raincoat that has four sleeves. Gets us through all kinds of weather”.


Last year was Tiana’s first Halloween. She was a frog, thanks to Lola’s knitting skills. This year we decided she would be a cow, once again, courtesy of Lola.

This Halloween was even more exciting than last because Tiana could actually take part in the Halloween activities. At first she had no idea what to do with this trick-or-treating business. Good thing her cousin, Buzz Lightyear, (a.k.a Anthony) was there to show her the ropes. By the fourth house she caught on to the routine.

Learning to trick-or-treat with Buzz Lightyear

I dressed up as a cowgirl to match my cow. One sad day she won’t want Mama to match her costume on Halloween anymore. *sniff. Regardless, there will always be room in my four-sleeved raincoat for my beloved monster!

A cowgirl and her cow.

I hope all the little monsters had a safe and happy Halloween!

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