Q: What’s better than giving the gift of a handmade Tutu Mama tutu this Christmas?

A: Giving Tutu Mama’s “World’s Most Meaningful” gift card. With a name like that I realize you expect to be impressed. Don’t worry, I plan on knocking your socks off. Cling on to those knee-highs and keep reading.

What Makes This Gift Card So Special?

Let’s say your name is Sarah and you have a friend, Michelle, who has a baby girl. You get Michelle this very gift card for Christmas. Michelle gets an email notifying her that her sweet friend, Sarah, has bought her the World’s Most Meaningful gift card which is waiting for her at www.michelle.tutu-mama.com. (Michelle’s name in the website address? You can bet she’s already feeling pretty special). Once she clicks on the link, she sees, depending on which option you chose, either:

Option 1

World’s Most Meaningful gift card personalized with your message and your photo. (Screen shot).

Option 2

World’s Most Meaningful gift card personalized with your message and a video of you going on about how you’re so excited to see which one of the Tutu Mama tutus she chooses. This option is great since Michelle lives too far to see your pretty face as often as she’d like. (Screen shot).

Option 3

World’s Most Meaningful gift card personalized with your message. You appreciate this option since you were feeling camera-shy that day. (Screen shot).

By now Michelle is feeling warm n’ fuzzy and ultra special; and she has yet to receive her beautiful boutique handmade tutu!

See how this gift card got its name? The World’s Most Meaningful gift card is thoughtful, super personalized, and impossible to lose. O and we kept the convenience factor: online shopping (vs. a trip to the mall packed with possessed Holiday shoppers).

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