Last Sunday, I volunteered with Our Social Fabric (OSF), a non-profit textile recycling initiative. They receive fabric donations from the film industry and organizations that don’t want their textiles in landfills. In fact, OSF is my go-to for Tutu Mama’s fabric recycling. With all the fabric they collect, they host monthly “fill-a-bag” sales where people get to stuff as much fabric as they can into a bag. Starting at $20 for a grocery bag, it’s a steal of a deal and an eco-conscious designer’s dream.

There were all sorts of fabrics from spandex to silks. As the people came in and rummaged through the piles, I couldn’t help but ask them what projects they were going to use the fabric for. Other than the lady who had very clear intentions of making stuffed carrots, the standard answer was: “O I have no idea! But it’s beautiful fabric so I’ll turn it into something”.

So you’re telling me that you’re buying all this fabric while having no clue what to use it for?!


That’s a word right? I don’t think “spontaneous” is in the mother’s dictionary. In case you’re unfamiliar with this term:

spon·ta·ne·ous/spänˈtānēəs/: (adj.) performing or occurring without premeditation or external stimulus.

From meal-planning to trip-planning (not the trips to Puerto Vallarta…I’m talking trips to the mall), there’s a lot of premeditating going on. Right?  Well, to hell with planning I say! I dare you to come out to OSF’s next “fill-a-bag” sale, choose a bag size, and stuff it! Don’t think! Just stuff! It’ll feel good. I promise. Plus you’ll be supporting a good cause. The next sale is in November. Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for the exact date.

Sewing is not your thing? Or maybe you’re not a Lower Mainland resident? Then I dare you to do something else spontaneous this week! Streaking through the streets gets quadruple bonus points! OK go!

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One Response to Our Social Fabric: Textiles, Recycling, and Spontaneity

  1. Lisa Lee says:

    Are you here in Puerto Vallarta? If so, when and where is the next sale?

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