As some of you may know, last May, I announced that Tutu Mama has joined hands with The Land Conservancy (TLC) by donating 5% of every purchase of the Jungle Look tutu to their non-profit, charity organization.

Today, I’m here to talk about TLC’s latest “Be the Change” campaign, titled after Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

That quote is one that speaks to the mothers; we’ve all wished that this world would turn into a utopia for our kids. We want the best for them. Well, through TLC’s Be the Change campaign, supported by superstar mama, Nelly Furtado, you can take action towards helping ensure “special places, forever. For everyone” (TLC’s slogan). And that’s as close to utopia as you’re gonna get. Watch my video for more persuading. 😉

Here’s what you do now:

1) Text TLC4BC to 30333 to donate $10.

2) Record your own Be the Change video.

3) Share your video on my Facebookwall.

P.S. Check out my sparkling, brand new Eco-Efforts page to see what else I’m doing with my business to “be the change”.


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