Ok so the countdown to Halloween is on! Ten days left! I’ve never been one to dress up as something scary or spooky on Halloween. I’ve always gone for the cute and pretty. And now, Halloween is double the fun with a little girl to dress up as well! Last year, Tiana was a frog for Halloween. Her Lola (a.k.a Grandma) made the costume and it was ridiculously cute!


The best part was, she got to wear it as a jumpsuit even after Halloween was over. Gotta love clothing items that can be worn on many different occasions!  Who’s with me on that one?

For the lucky lil’ ladies that already have a Tutu Mama tutu, lets figure out a way to make it work for Halloween. I dropped by my local dollar store and scored some fantastic accessories for less than $2.50!

Photo by Ami Sanyal Photography

So put on her Blown Away tutu (1), add a sparkly magic wand (2), and a pair of fairy wings (3) and *POOF* she’s a pretty little fairy!

Other than a fairy costume, any ideas on what kinds of costumes the Tutu Mama tutus could be used for? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Photos by Ami Sanyal Photography

If you’re in the Lower Mainland and would like a handmade Tutu Mama tutu for your baby or little girl this Halloween, contact me ASAP.

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2 Responses to How To Use A Tutu To Make An Adorable Halloween Costume

  1. Yinny says:

    You could use the jungle tutu to dress up as Tinkerbell!

    Or you could use either of the pink tutus to dress up as a ballerina!

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