Last Thursday I got the chance to meet the wonderfully gifted Rebecca Sehn, children’s portrait photographer, to finalize the magical combination of her photography and my tutus!

I’m excited to announce that I am offering custom-made orders for Rebecca’s clients who’d like their little girl to don a tutu in a pretty portrait session. Update: custom-made orders are now available for everyone.

Wondering what that would look like?  Tiana willingly volunteered to show you just how enchanting it can be.

Photographing toddlers is hard work. They don’t quite do what you tell them. They have their own agenda. Rebecca makes it look easy!

The sun showed up just in time to lend its glow. All three of us were beaming!

“What? It’s time to go home already? I could pose all day!”

Thank you Rebecca. Tiana and I adore your work! If you would like a timeless portrait of your little girl in a tutu, contact Rebecca Sehn for a portrait consultation.

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