Photo by Rod Ferris

Eight-month-old Ever is gonna need Mama’s help to get on her feet and cheer tonight! She is set for Game 6 in her Wee Lil’ Canuck tutu thanks to her mother, Abby Ferris, winning Tutu Mama’s Canuck tutu contest.

Wee Lil' Canuck Tutu

Abby spotted the Wee Lil Canuck tutu on display at the Once Upon a Belly show. When she heard that it was up for grabs, she got her husband and parents to enter as well and took advantage of the chance to enter once a day. So the tutu went to one enthusiastic fan! 🙂

I met up with the lovely Ferris ladies last Monday to give them the tutu just in time for Game 3.  I was glad I could provide a silver lining in that dark cloud…

Since then, Ever has been sporting the tutu to support the Canucks.  Baby Ever is also lucky enough to have a photographer as a daddy.  Thank you to Rod Ferris for sharing the above photo of his Canuck cutie.

Ferris family, enjoy making memories with Ever in her tutu!

Ever, make sure you cheer loud n’ proud tonight when our boys bring it home! 😉

Want your little one looking sweet as Ever? You can still get the limited edition “Wee Lil’ Canuck” tutu as your Stanley Cup Finals 2011 souvenir (sizes 0-8 yrs) at my online boutique.


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