So this past Saturday, May 28th was the Once Upon a Belly tradeshow at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown. Beautiful day. Beautiful venue. Beautiful bellies. And of course, BEAUTIFUL BABIES! I met some great vendors in the baby business and made some new friends. I even got a parenting tip so good that I plan to blog about it.

The Tutu Tree

The tutus were a hit! Mamas with boys would say “My little boy would love it…but my husband would kill me” *snicker*.  Little girls dragged their Mamas by the hand and pointed out their favourites.

My tutu tree served well as my artsy tutu display…although it was an invitation for a few kiddies to attempt to climb it. Hah.

Wondering where the “Wee Lil’ Canuck” tutu is? This limited edition deserved its own separate display!

The ‘Nucks fans could hardly contain their excitement! We had lots of entries for the draw for the “Wee Lil’ Canuck” tutu. The winner will be announced this Friday, June 3rd! The word is spreading, so get your entries in! Details here. Don’t wanna depend on luck? You can purchase the “Wee Lil’ Canuck” tutu at my online boutique.

All in all, a wonderful event. And it ended with a hot tub soak, a good movie, and an even better good night’s sleep!

Were you at the Once Upon a Belly show? Were you introduced to any companies that you’d find helpful for motherhood?


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