Breaking Free [FULL] from Matador Network on Vimeo.

Did you hear that? “Having a child actually makes me wanna dream a little bit more”.
Hellz ya Mama! She opened up my doors! And my eyes, for that matter. After watching this uh-mazing video, I was so inspired, I started spitting rhymes…does that ever happen to you? Happens to me on a regular. Keep reading…

(Cue beatbox background)
Live your dreams before its too late.
Even if it defies logic and takes a leap of faith.
Be “rich in time” Mama, cuz money ain’t the prize
The prize is the journey which enables us to rise. (uh huh)
At times, our dreams will be tested
and our strength will be tried. (you best know)
Do what it takes, to keep it alive. (yeah)
If you’re with me, gimme a high five!
Cuz Baby, life’s more about living than just having to survive!
(What whaaat!) 🙂

Now that I got that out of my system…what was your first “breaking-free” moment? (Feel free to rap it out).


One Response to Its Time To “Break Free” …and Bust Out A Rap Song!

  1. Ami Sanyal says:

    hahaha…you’re awesome nat

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