I saw this bumper sticker whiz by me while waiting at a red light…and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I love trees. I was part of the environmental club in highschool, but more for the social aspect of running around in the forest with friends, than saving the earth.  I take them for granted. I am so thankful that Tiana will not be asking me that question…but what about my grandkids? I drove through my old neighbourhood in West Vancouver yesterday and realized it looks like Michael Jordan straight out of the barber shop. WHERE DID ALL THE TREES GO!?  If that can happen in a few years…ok lets not focus on that. Time to do something about it.  Its my motherhood conscience kicking in again.

Today wraps up Eco-Fashion Week in Vancouver. The term “eco-fashion” is a fairly new term to me and it was only last week that I was introduced to Eco-Fashion Week via a tweet by @virgin953. Upon visiting Eco-Fashion Week’s website, it all became clear.  These three lines below, taken from their “About” section, sum up the purpose of Eco-Fashion Week Vancouver:

“To Celebrate Responsible Principles And Style
To Identify And Refine Sustainable Industry Practices
To Educate And Inform About Eco-friendly Fashion”

And although it would’ve been nice to attend a runway show, their website alone did exactly what their events set out to do. Educate and inspire action!


The Wheels Are Turning

Tutus. So many words to describe them: beautiful, magical, fun. None of those words is “eco-friendly”. The key ingredient in a tutu is the tulle…100% nylon. Not the most “green” material out there.

I have been struggling with this fact and have been searching for a way to overcome this since the launch of the business. My hunt for organic tulle didn’t last long; it is not widely available, which means, even if I did find it, the cost of my tutus would go up. So back to the drawing board. There must be other ways that Tutu Mama can be eco-conscious. Then I realized…I didn’t truly know what it meant to be “eco-conscious” in the fashion industry, other than the product being made of “green” materials. Thankfully, the Eco Fashion Week Vancouver website has a page on “eco-criteria“. Would ya look at that. I already meet some of their criteria by being local and “made-to-order” which encourages “quality and “slow fashion” over mass-produced disposable fashion”. But that won’t cut it. I am working on this project full steam ahead and I’m in the finalizing stages of some de-lush-iously green initiatives, partnerships and programs!

Thanks to Tiana, the bumper sticker, and Eco-Fashion Week, Tutu Mama will be joining the revolution! Keep your eyes peeled for the reveal!

Update: Click here to see my current eco-efforts.

What do you do to preserve Planet Earth?  Can you add to your current practices? Think out of the blue box. 😉

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